3.1 Medications New (Preview)

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Learning Outcomes

  • Most people living with chronic back pain will need to take some form of medication to help reduce their symptoms. The doctor’s main objective when prescribing medication is to ease your symptoms. This module summarises some basic information about medications commonly prescribed for the treatment of back pain. You should watch the first video lesson, and any other lessons which apply to you*. You can also read through the Arthritis Ireland booklet “Drugs and Complementary Therapies” and other Drug Information leaflets below. At the end of this section you should be able to:
  • Understand the importance of knowing what medications you are taking.
  • Be able to list the classes of medicines commonly used in the treatment of back pain.
  • Be able to take your medicines as directed
  • *Each video is based on a different ‘class’ of drug. If you are unsure what class the medications you are taking belong to, you should ask your doctor or your pharmacist.


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