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Continue to work when you are living with a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD)

Understand and manage MSDs in workplace

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About Fit for Work Online Course

This course contains both video lessons and material which you can read. It will take you less than two hours to complete it, but it doesn’t have to be completed in one go, and once you have registered, you can access the course as often as you like. It is free of charge and can be done at a time that suits you. So why not register today and start learning more about how to be ‘fit-for-work’? Depending on whether you are an employee living with a musculoskeletal disorder, an employer or a health professional, you will have a different reason for undertaking this eLearning course.

On completion of the course, you will be able to:

Understand what a musculoskeletal disorder (or MSD) is, what the common causes are, and what symptoms people experience generally
Discuss why working is good for your health, and why people living with an MSD should remain in or return to the work force if at all possible
Identify some useful techniques & changes you can make in the workplace which will help you or an employee to manage MSD symptoms, and continue to be a valued member of the workforce
Develop a management plan with your employer or employee, which will incorporate ‘reasonable accommodations’ without placing a ‘disproportionate burden’ on either party

How to take the course

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